4 common health concerns for senior citizens

As you get old, you meet with various health challenges. You should be aware of the chronic health problems in seniors. Here are the most common health concerns for people aged more than 65.

1. Arthritis


It is estimated that about 49.7 percent of all adults of age more than 65 has the chance of having arthritis. You should sit with your doctor and come up with a customized activity plan and other kinds of treatment to fight arthritis.

2. Heart disease


Heart disease affects 37% of men and 26% of women who are more than 65 years old. As people grow old, they start to live with risk factors like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. It increases the chance of developing heart disease.

3. Cancer


It is the second leading cause of death among people of age 65 and over. If detected at an early stage, various types of cancer will be treatable. Even if you can’t treat cancer, you can improve the quality of life by consulting with doctors and maintaining some living recommendations.

4. Respiratory Diseases


Respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the third most common cause of death among people of age 65 and older. People are suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses.

By making some lifestyle choices like losing weight or quitting smoking can help you avoid health risks. You must eat healthily and lead a physically active life. Having a stress-free life will help you to live longer.


5 benefits the senior citizens in the U.S. must be entitled to

According to the U.S. National Retirement Risk Index (NRRI), more than half of American households today won’t have enough retirement income to maintain their desired living standard once they reach the age of 65. The number of seniors over the age of 65 is expected to be 50 million by the year 2020. Here are five benefits that seniors of age more than 65 are entitled to.

1. Housing benefits

If your savings and assets are less than $10,000, then you will be entitled to housing benefits. You will get a government supplement equaling the difference of their basic housing cost that exceeds one-third of their household income. The compensation should be based on the average price for a one-bedroom apartment or average prices of home in cities where the seniors stay.

2. Public transportation

Every senior citizen, no matter what their disposable income is, can use the public transportation system within the Municipality they live in for free. Some of the local transportation systems receive subsidies from the State and Federal governments to provide this free service.

3. Medical benefits

Senior citizens, of age over 65, are entitled to medical benefits. It is the fundamental right of U.S. seniors to get free medical facilities.

4. Student loan

Senior citizens whose savings and assets is less than $10,000 should be forgiven their outstanding student loan in full. This helps the person to live a debt-free life.

5. Social Security taxes

The old age security should not pay tax. It is the only income many senior citizens depend on. So, any deduction from this low income is considered to be unfair.

The government should devise a plan to implement some of these benefits that are not in place yet. This will ensure a more secure life for the senior citizens of the country.

3 ways to fight diabetes the natural way

Diabetes is very common as you approach the age of 50. Most of these patients take daily insulin injections and visit the doctor regularly to check on their blood sugar levels. By maintaining three daily routines, you can fight type 2 diabetes without depending on the medicine. Here are four ways to fight diabetes the natural way.


You should limit consumption of grains, sugars, and processed carbohydrates. Focus on eating healthy fats, proteins, and green vegetables. If there is too much of Omega-6 in the diet, then it can contribute to diabetes. You should control your intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats and have them in the ratio 1:1. You must avoid Omega-6 seed oils and their sources. For Omega-3 consumption, eat fatty fish like salmon and sardines.

Daily exercise

img-3Exercise improves the muscles’ ability to use insulin. With time, it can help to fix insulin resistance. Smaller amounts of high-intensity exercise have a better effect on insulin levels rather than an hour of daily moderate cardio. Obesity can lead to diabetes. So, you must lose weight.

Reduce stress

Stress increases cortisol and lead to hormone imbalance. You must reduce the sources of stress like lack of sleep, mental and emotional stress, poor diet, exposure to toxins, etc.

You should improve your lifestyle to keep diabetes under control. Only depending on insulin and another medicine is not a healthy way of dealing with diabetes. Just by leading a disciplined life, you will be able to fight diabetes and lead a healthy life.